miya ando

Motivated mostly by a reverence for raw materials, precision, negative space, restraint, solitude and dynamics, Greg Brewer launched diatom in 2005. He strives to remove all extraneous elements when crafting chardonnay for this extreme project, to showcase the pure essence of place.

Greg finds inspiration in both nature itself and the culture and ideas of various regions through-out the world. His travels in Japan, Scandinavia and Europe have lent elements to diatom’s extreme focus. Prior to his partnership with Steve Clifton and the formation of Brewer - Clifton in 1995, Greg was a French instructor at the University of California, Santa Barbara. In addition to crafting pinot noir and chardonnay under the Brewer-Clifton label, Greg continues to produce highly respected wines for Melville, where he has worked since the formation of that winery in 1997.